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Refurbish Our Fleet Campaign

UPDATE! Our campaign was a success...but we still need help!

Thanks to the generous donations of 127 people, our Indie-GoGo campaign raised $12,186!!! But we still have a ways to go to reach our goals. You can always donate on our website here. 

We will begin fulfilling donor perks in late June and we'll contact you with our plan. THANK YOU!!!!


Behind Every Healthy River is a Strong Fleet


Our five trucks have driven more than 1.5 million miles. They’ve been good to us, but it’s time to retire these guys to peaceful pastures. We need $100,000 to replace them.


Our Vehicles Need a Revamp

In the past 14 years, Missouri River Relief has organized 133 river cleanups from Yankton, South Dakota, to St. Louis, Missouri, relieving the Missouri River of more than 801 tons of trash. We get it done with a little help from our friends:


Our trucks haul boats, transport life jackets, and have safely escorted volunteers to more than 200 events.

By donating to our Refurbish Our Fleet campaign, you're investing in the future health of North America's longest river system as well as supporting new opportunities to introduce people to the Big Muddy.

Find out how at our IndieGoGo Campaign Headquarters!


That's our director, introducing people to the Big Muddy.  Or the "Big Foggy," as this photo might suggest.

What We Need: $100,000 $30,000

Our five trucks have driven more than 1.5 million miles. They’ve been good to us, and it’s time to retire these guys to peaceful pastures. We need $100,000 to replace them.

  • $20,000 to replace two 15-passenger vans
  • $10,000 to replace a pick-up truck
  • Additional funds to go toward a seed fund for a regular equipment replacement rotation. It would be set aside in a capital fund and not touched for operations. Our goal is $15,000.
Generous donors have already committed $55,000 to the cause. With your help, we can meet our goal by the middle of our 2015 cleanup season.


How can I help?

On May 5 we launched our 7 week Indie-Go-Go Campaign to raise the remaining $45,000 we need to sweeten the fleet.

Click here to participate and donate!

Keep posted....we'll need donations small and large and a lot of help to get the word out. Or check out the Donate sidebar on the right for other ways to take part. 

What You Get: Sponsorship Benefits

We're offering traditional sponsor benefits that we give to donors AND exclusive perks just for IndieGoGo donors!

  • $10 and up - Every little bit helps! For contributing, we'll send you a personal thank-you e-mail. Your contribution will help us re-fill the fuel tank.
  • $25 and up - We'll send IGG donors a personalized post-card from a cleanup location and put your name on the Refurbish Our Fleet webpage!
  • $50 - IGG donors, we'll give you Magnificent Missouri Music, Volume 1, featuring river tunes by some of the best contemporary Americana artists, a Magnificent Missouri coloring book, and a postcard sent to you from one of our clean-up locations!
  • $75 - For IGG donors only: Become famous in all of Mid-Missouri and St. Louis by getting your handsome mug on our Fall Season T-shirt that all our volunteers receive. We'll also send you a personalized post-card from a clean-up location. (Only 25 spots available!)
  • $100 - IGG donors get a 2015 Missouri River Relief T-shirt, our new sticker, and a personalized post-card. We'll also honor you with your name listed on our sponsors webpage and annual report, AND give you a well-deserved shout out to our 1,900 Facebook fans.
  • $125 - It costs us $125 for a lube-oil-filter change. Fund us for one, and we'll send you a voucher for your own JiffyLube oil change experience. This also puts you in "sponsor status," so we'll also list your name on our sponsors webpage and annual report, AND give you praise on our Facebook page.
  • $150 - Your coffee table is looking a little bit bare, my friend. Why not spruce it up with one of the most scenic sights around? Missouri River Country is a visual delight, full of gorgeous photos and fascinating history about the lower stretch of the Missouri River. We'll mail you this and our sticker pack for just $150. (10 available)
  • $200 and up - Hundreds of volunteers will see your name on our sponsors banner at events, in press releases, and other media. Plus you get all the perks of a $100 donation.
  • $300 - Get a signed, 10" x 15" paper print of "Dug Out" by Bryan Haynes, who we think is one of the Missouri River's finest artists ever. (Preview here) That comes with all the perks of a $200 donation, which includes the perks of a $100 donation. A deal? My friend, us river folk call that a STEAL.  (5 available)
  • $500 - Get your own limited edition, IGG-donor-only Missouri River gift card set of original photos from the banks of the Big Muddy, a 2015 T-shirt, our new sticker, and a personalized post-card.
  • $750 - Come have dinner and drinks with us while we're at a cleanup. We'll pull up a seat for you around our fire. And give you the benefits of a $500 donation.
  • $1,000 - The most affordable VIP status around. We'll invite you to speak at one of our events, AND give you a boat ride! As well as all the $500 and below benefits.
  • $3,000 - IGG-only opportunity: For up to five days, you and a friend can ride on a Mississippi River towboat. (only one available)
  • $10,000 - Your name on one of our vans! Plus everything you get for the $500 level.
All sponsors will be recognized on a thank-you email once the campaign is over. A tax-deductible letter and personalized card acknowledging your gift will be mailed to you, along with any of the additional perks we promise.

Bonus: All donations are tax deductible!

The Impact

Here's what's special about your contribution:

We all live downstream; Maybe your drinking water comes from the Missouri River (if you live in Missouri, there's a 40% chance it does), maybe you love fishing, or maybe you recreate on the river. The trash we clean up won't make it to where you are. We think that's a good thing. Don't you?

We do well at local fundraisers; An art auction last year raised more than $5,000, and our annual Wild & Scenic Film Festival garnered more than $7,000. But that's all general funds. This campaign is unique and urgent, and you'll know exactly where the money's going.

What If We Don't Make It?

There's a chance we won't be able to replace every vehicle. Here's our Plan B to overcome any hurdles:

  • Our trusty mechanic and indefatigable fleet manager will keep our trucks and vans safely running for as long as possible.
  • We can put new vehicles on a payment plan. Our monthly budget is tight, but every piece of equipment is necessary for our cleanups, so we'll have to cut out funds elsewhere to make sure these basics are covered.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you're lacking funds, that doesn't mean you can't help!

  • Do you know someone in the auto sales industry who could donate a vehicle, gift cards for perks or just cash? Send them our way!
  • Come join us on a cleanup when we come to your area. Sign up here.
  • Use IndieGoGo’s social sharing tools to keep the excitement going in your own network. And please tell your friends!


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