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Raffle for Handmade Canoe by Paddle Stop New Haven 2020

In historic and charming downtown New Haven is a unique business based on the river. Paddle Stop New Haven has a small store selling paddling equipment, snacks, standup paddleboards and other boats and where river shuttles and expeditions can be planned. Behind the store is a huge workshop where artisan Shane Camden builds kayaks, paddleboards and canoes. 

Paddle Stop New Haven

The solo cedar strip canoe that Shane Camden is raffling to support Missouri River Relief. 


Last year Shane donated a beautiful handmade cedar strip canoe to raffle as a fundraiser for Missouri River Relief...and we raised $5,000!

This year he's doing it again. This year's model is a solo canoe designed for stabilty and speed. And just as gorgeous. 

Every dollar raised goes to support Missouri River Relief. This fundraiser is in conjunction with Rivermiles and the MR340. 

Click here to purchase your raffle ticket. 

Retail Value: $5,000. Fundraising Goal: $6,500.

Online Raffle will close Thursday, Oct. 8 at midnight!

Here's the specs -

  • Length - 16.5'
  • Beam - 26"
  • Estimated Weight - approx. 39 pounds

Tickets are $20.

This canoe is a handcrafted family heirloom that you will enjoy for many years. This is a fast boat perfect for day-tripping and racing.

The raffle winner will be announced at the finish line of the Race to the Dome on October 10, 2020, at Jefferson City's Wilson Serenity Point. You do NOT need to be present to win.

Thank you Ticket Buyers!!!!!

Here's a list of the folks that have purchased tickets so far (updated 9/29/20)
Jennifer Aguado
Jeff Aleksic 
Josh Amato
Stephenie Ambrose Tubbs
Bernard L Arnold
Teri Leigh Baird
Tim Baker
Ed Ballard
Matt Barnes
Rachel Bartels
Bruce Beall
Jeff Behrns
Bill Behrns
Theresa Bentch
Andy Besselman
Michael Blaney
Matt Boehner
Cory Bomgaars
Marijo Bosiljevac
Steve Branco
Michael Brennan
Justin Brooke
James Carter
Allyson Chapman
Lynda Chasteen
Bonnie Chasteen
Corey Chilson
Lara Christie
Stephanie Claypool
Mike Claypool
Jon Cline
Kim Colter
Amy Cooper
Jessica Corbett
Chad Courtney
Amy Cross
Kevin Cundiff
Melanie Cusick
Mark Daigle
Kathy Dolson
Stacy Douglas 
Ruan du Plessis
Aaron Duenke
Ethan Duke
Chris Edmondson
Cinda Eichler
Sarah Elkins
Ann Elliot
Caroline Elliott
Kirk Evans
Walter Filla
Mark Fingerhut 
Lynn Fingerhut 
Mark Fish
David Forbes
Mark Frazier
Jed Friedrichsen
Joyce Frietze
Mark Gerling
Susan Gerling
Charles Giddish
James Goodwin
Emma Gossett
Danielle Grimes
Doris Guillory 
Brad Hanson
Tonya Hanson
Kyle Harlan
David Hasenbeck 
John(JB) Hatler 
Fawn Henry 
Gene Hill
Bob Hines
Shawn Hoehns 
Glenn Hooker
Brian House
Katy Hudler
Donald Hulsing
Gail Hunt
Tim James
Rob Kalthoff
Connie Kalthoff
Katherine Kehoe
Seth Keith
Michael Kelley
Jon Kill
Annie Klingler
Peter Klopstein 
Loran Kovaly
Gail Kriete
Christine Krueger
Ann Krueger
Sarah Kunstman
Carmen Kyle
Dee Landau
Lara Landrum
Jeff Larsen
Ron Lehr
Dylan Lehrbaum
Frederic Lizama
Christian Logan 
Teresa Losito
Brad Lucas
Sarah Martin
Kris Mattern
Ann McCauley
Diane McHenry
Douglas McKinney
John McLaughlin
John McWiliams
Donald Meier
Amy Meier
Christine Meyer
Thomas Minter
Rick Moeckel
Larry Mooney
Randy Morgart
Christine Murphy
Joanne Musick
David Myers
Jessica Nance
Nadia Navarrete-Tindall
Elsie Nickell
Nick Niehaus
Melissa Nilson
Jason Noakes
Shane Norell
Megan O'Brien
Bereth OCallaghan
Angela OHanlon 
Emily O'Laughlin
Steven Pick
Tim Pingelton
Abigail Plihal
Paul Porneluzi
Lisa Powers
Jim Rand
Michael Rauckman
Jane Ready-Luckman
Greg Redmond
Erin Riley
Tom Roehm 
Kevin Ross
David Rothweiler
Robin Rotman
Larisa Rudelson 
Julie Scannell
Rena Schmidt
Rusty Self
Justin Sharp
Janeen Sifford
Diana Slater
Thomas Smith
Mike Sorth
Judith Spaunhorst
Kim Stamper
Tobias Stenger
Tom Stevens
Betsy Stibler
Thomas Stone
Daniel P Strieker
Brett Swanstrom 
Tessa Van Dieren
Leanne Tippett Mosby
William Trentmann
Rose Trevino 
Maury Vaeth
Roger Vance
Brooke Vaughn
Cheryl Victor
Nicholas Wagner 
Brian Waldrop
Barbara Wallace 
Patrick Wellner
Angela Werkowitch
Richard Wessels
Linda Williams
Maria Willson 
David Wilson
Gavin Woolley
Virginia Woulfe-Beile
Laura Wright
Jessie Yankee

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