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River Relief

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In Memoriam

We are honored to have received charitable donations in memory of the following friends of Missouri River Relief. You can always contact us or donate online for gifts in memoriam.


To live in the hearts of those we love is not to die


Troy Gordon, 1960-2008

Richard Lovell, 1952-2010

Elizabeth Rose Barnes, 2011

John Breyfogle, 1950-2011

Tracy Dexter, 1966-2011

Kevin Harandi, 1988-2012

Jesse A. Gochenour, 1989-2012 

Michael Ruh, 1943-2013

Lucia Cope Hulston, 1941-2014

Zandra Caulkins, 1937-2014

David Sloan,  1947-2015  

Kerry Recker, 2015

Stuart Wyeth, 1959-2015

Joan E. Kelley, 1938-2015

Patrick W. Nelson, 1950-2003

Meg Poche, 1957-2017

Christopher Preuitt, 1981-

Mary Evelyn Stous, 1920-2017

Eugene Lock,  1938-2017

George Steffen, 1958-2018


In Honor of – 

Scot Heidbrink and Dyan Pursell
Zac and Laura Cutler
Dave Stous
Jane Laun
Gina Bradley
Steve Schnarr and Melanie Cheney 
Matt Thomas
Jeff Barrow
Tom Bell


Most Honorable River Dogs

Alex & Sadie 

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