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Big Muddy Art - Benefit Auction March 14, 2019

Big Muddy Art AuctionFulton artist Jane Mudd

We had a fun and successful auction. 145 people attended - more than 100 more than our last auction! Auctioneer John Harrison from the Callaway Livestock Auction led the bidding, and he rocked it! 

All but two pieces met their minimum bid and most received as much or more than their retail value. That feels good for everyone. 

We had fantastic food donated by Tellers, Addison's, Coley's, HyVee and several of our dear friends. 

Thanks to the generous donations of our artist friends, we raised $8,000 for Missouri River Relief programs. Thank you to Orr Street Studios for donating the space, and for all the volunteers and art lovers that made it possible!


Food  ∙  Music by the Daves  ∙  Logboat Beer  ∙  

Les Bourgeois Wine  ∙  Door Prizes  ∙  Auctioneer John Harrison

50% of proceeds went to the artists, with the rest supporting Missouri River Relief, although many artists donated all of their proceeds to MRR. 


We are grateful to our event partners for making this possible – 

•Our generous and talented artist friends for sharing their vision and making this possible.
•Orr Street Studios – for donating the space
•Columbia Art League – for helping us get the word out
•Diana Papoulias, Anne Jacobson and Elena Vega – our wonderful committee

The Live Auction Gallery 

Here's the beautiful art that was contributed to the auction!

"Missouri River Sunset - 2018" by Notley Hawkins

Notley Hawkins - Missouri River Sunset 2018

(20"x30") - Giclée on paper with white matte and black frame included. Value = $700.00

This photo was taken just upstream of Cooper's Landing on the Missouri River. 

Notley Hawkins is a photographer from Columbia, MO.

Notley's work on Flickr


"On the River Watercolor Series" by Sara Dykman

Sara Dykman Watercolors

(Four 15"x5") Four original watercolors on paper. Left unframed for flexibility of buyer. Value = $250

Sara Dykman is an artist, biologist and educator from Kansas City, KS. She was part of a four-person expedition that biked and paddled the Missouri River. They started at Triple Divide Peak in Glacier National Park and finished at the Gulf of Mexico. 

These paintings trace their journey from source to sea, depicting four scenes from that journey - Glacier National Park, the White Cliffs of the Missouri River, Kansas City and the mouth of the Mississippi River at the Gulf of Mexico. More details at -

Sara is also known for her advocacy for Monarch butterflies through her "Butterbike" expedition tracing the annual migration path of the monarchs from Mexico to Canada and back. 


"Missouri River Triptych" by Cindy Scott

Cindy Scott - Missouri River Tryptich

(10"x10"x3) Original plein air acrylic on canvas, gallery wrapped. Set of 3. This painting was completed at the "Just Plein Air & Water" event on Sept. 23, 2019, near Huntsdale, MO on the Missouri River. Value = $300.00

Cindy Scott is an artist from Columbia, MO.


"Winter Float Memories" by Bryan Haynes

Bryan Haynes - Winter Float Memories

(26”x16”) Giclee print on canvas, gallery wrap. Value = $300.00

Bryan Haynes is an artist currently residing in Washington, MO.


"Nightfall in Turquoise and Cobalt" by Brian Mahieu

Brian Mahieu - Nightfall in turquoise and cobalt

(9"x12") Original plein air oil and oil pastels on Arches oil paper mounted on wooden panel. (18 Aug. 18, 8:15 pm. Baby Island, Langley, Washington). Value = $375.00

Brian Mahieu is a plein air painter currently residing in Langley, WA. He originated the Big Muddy Art Auction in 2016.


"Missouri River Bluffs" by Ruthie Moccia

Ruthie Moccia - Missouri River Bluffs

(20"x24") Oil on Canvas, metal frame. This painting was completed at the "Just Plein Air & Water" event on Sept. 23, 2019 near Rocheport, MO on the Missouri River. Value = $350.00

Ruthie Moccia is an artist from Columbia, MO. 


"Boathenge" by Carl Orazio

Carl Orazio - Boathenge

(9" x 12") -  Plein air oil on canvas panel September 3, 2018. Value = $250.00

Carl Orazio is one of the landowners and co-creators of Boathenge, an outdoor art installation on the Missouri River near Cooper's Landing. Value


 "Totality - Solar Eclipse" by Alycia McGee & Penny Lattin

Totality - Eclipse - Penny Lattin & Alycia McGee

15"x30" Photographic print on metal. Value = $215.00

This multi-exposure piece captures the 2017 total solar eclipse from Columbia, MO.

Alycia McGee and Penny Lattin are artists and photographers from Columbia, MO, and are co-owners of the A&P Card Shoppe. 

"August 21, 2017 - the day the sky went dark. The birds stopped singing & the crickets & tree frogs started chirping in the middle of the afternoon as the moon crossed in front of the sun. The wind kicked up and gave everyone goosebumps. In that moment we witnessed the historic Totality in Columbia, MO. "


"As the Crow Flies" by Mary Kate Protzman

Mary Kate Protzman - As the Crow Flies

(23"x19") - Original relief rubbing print with collage elements, framed. Value = $300.00

Mary Kate Protzman is an artist from Columbia, MO. Here is a great profile of Mary Kate from the Columbia Tribune. 

"Prairie Fork Pond" by Martha Daniels

Martha Daniels - Prairie Fork Pond

11x14, plein air oil on board, framed. 

This plein air painting was done at conservationist Pat Jones' land at Prairie Fork Conservation Area near Williamsburg, MO. 

Martha Daniels is an artist from Hartsburg, MO. 


"Amber Waves" by Don Asbee

Don Asbee

Don Asbee is a metal artist from Hartsburg, MO. Value = $1000.00


"Banded Pintail" by Rebekah Knight

Banded Pintail - Rebekah Knight

12x16” acrylic on Masonite. Framed. Value = $800

Rebekah Knight is an artist from Deepwater, MO. "My work is centralized around wildlife from North America to Africa and aims to provide the viewer with a personal experience with the subject, as well as to help celebrate one’s appreciation and passion for nature."


"Bird Nest" - Lance Stroheker

Lance Stroheker - Bird Nest

Glass and wood by Lance Stroheker. Value $350.00

Spun glass, blown glass, driftwood. 

Lance Stroheker is a glass artist that works and displays at Astral Glass Studio in New Haven, MO.


"Sunset - Missouri River" - by Amy Schomaker

Amy Schomaker - Sunset - Missouri River

(15" x 34") Needle-felted dyed wool fiber on cotton fabric with walnut frame. Value = $150.00

This piece was inspired by Cooper's Landing near Columbia, MO. The frame was created from wood salvaged from a tree that fell there.


"A Forest" - by Frank Stack

A Forest - Frank Stack

(11"x15") Watercolor on paper (Framed) Value = $300.00)

Frank Stack is a comic artist, printmaker, educator and painter from Columbia, MO.


"Mississippi and the Salt River near Louisiana, MO" - Jane Mudd

Jane Mudd - Mississippi & Salt Rivers

(24" x 28") Oil on Canvas. Value = $500.00

Jane Mudd is an artist from near Fulton, MO, and an art professor at William Woods University. Her works are on display at Orr Street Studios, the Art House and other regional and national locations.


"Fall into Winter" - by Doug Hardesty

Doug Hardesty - Fall into Winter

(10.5" x 13") - Photo framed and matted in reclaimed barn wood. Value = $150.00

This photo was taken from Eagle Bluffs Conservation Area. 

Doug Hardesty is a photographer and scientist from Columbia, MO


"Earth & Water" - by Beverly Borduin

 Beverly Borduin - Earth & Water

8.5"h x 10"w x 27" circumference - Ceramic Wrap Pot. Value = $185.00

Beverly Borduin is an artist from Columbia, MO. 

"Watching water move in creeks, rivers, lakes, and oceans brings me great peace. This abstract wrap pot captures the rhythm of waves at low tide weaving through the ribbons of earth and rocks on the shore."

"My wrap pots are sculptural and abstract often reflecting the movement of water. My fiber art portraits and landscapes are made from repurposed clothing to breathe new life into discarded items. I also makes tote bags to support the Books N Bags early literacy program that gets great books and a handmade book bag into kids' hands and homes. My work is available at the Columbia Art League."


"Gathering at Sunset" by Laura Labieniec Pintel

 Laura Labieniec Pintel - Gathering at Sunset

(16" x 22") Digital Photograph printed on watercolor paper. Giclee print. Value = $225.00

This photo was taken at Eagle Bluffs Conservation Area in August as the Great Egrets and Great Blue Herons gathered at sunset at Pool 14.

Laura Labieniec Pintel is a photographer and painter from Columbia, MO. She has a studio at Orr Street Studios.


"The Sternwheeler" by Kelly Coalier

Kelly Coalier - The Sternwheeler

(22" x 30") Watercolor pencil drawing on paper. (In 26" x 34" frame). Value = $200.00

This is a rendering of the Joseph M. LaBarge, a historic sternwheeler owned by the Giles family and moored at Cooper's Landing. The boat is named for one of the most famous of the 19th Century steamboat pilots from the Missouri River.  Kelly Coalier is an artist from Columbia, MO. He owns and operates "Orchids & Art", a custom frame and art shop in Columbia, MO, with his wife Carrie. 


"Gans Creek" by Hope Martin

Hope Martin - Gans Creek

(8" x 10") Soft pastels on sanded paper. Framed. Value = $186.00

The artist said - "The reference for this was taken on an early morning creek walk with my daughter. We were anxious to get out before the heat of the day. The warm morning sun peeking though the cool protective canopy of the trees was magical. My goal was to capture that feeling."

Hope Martin is an artist from Columbia, MO.


"The Science of Fish" - by Lisa Bartlett

Lisa Bartlett - The Science of Fish

(3’ x 4’) Acrylic on canvas. Value = $600.00

Lisa Bartlett is a multimedia artist from Columbia, MO. She is the owner of Artlandish Gallery, one of the most unique collection of arts and crafts in the region.


"Treasure Hunt" - by Gale Johnson

Gale Johnson - Treasure Hunt

Mobile with driftwood, copper and found treasures. Value = $125.00

Gale Johnson is an artist from Columbia, MO. She specializes in jewelry and creations created from found river objects. She is a longtime crewmember of Missouri River Relief

"I've always loved treasure hunting. Doing river clean-up gives me the opportunity to take things such as broken glass away from natural places. I then marry those items to drifwood and copper or silver and other found objects to make a one-of-a-kind work of art".


"Peacefulness at Portland" - Mike Seat

Mike Seat - Peacefulness at Portland

Oil on Canvas. Value = $300.00

Mike Seat is an artist from Columbia, MO, working in many mediums.

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