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2018 Missouri River Days


4th grade Columbia Public School teachers will have the opportunity to bring their students to the Missouri River for a one of kind learning experience. 



What 4th Graders Have to Say! 

"My favorite part was the boat ride because we got to be scientists. They asked us questions about the river and what we thought about it. I also liked seeing the fish. There were some unusual fish and feisty fish too! I liked it when we went on a hike through the woods. That was one fun field trip!”


About Missouri River Days 

Missouri River Days is a half-day field trip on the Missouri River at Eagle Bluffs Conservation Area, in Columbia, MO. This field trip is offered to the entire 4th-grade at Columbia Public Schools during three specific times in the fall and spring school year. During Missouri River Days, students will leave their lab coats and pocket protectors behind; to do science, Missouri River Relief style. They will investigate the mysteries behind the longest river in North America and learn what makes it tick.

Missouri River Days in the Media! 

Watch us on KOMU Channel 8 News from Friday, April 20th 2018 

Read about us on several Newspaper Frontpages 

View photos of Missouri River Days on Flickr.

Missouri River Days Activities 

During Missouri River Days, students will develop a better understanding of the Missouri River through four experiences that are 30 minutes in length; each activity should have a max of 30 students. 

Station 1: Meet a Fisheries Biologist
Students get up-close and personal with the fish that call the Missouri River home as they meet some of the scientists that are helping the river's ecosystem. 

Station 2: Observation is a Skill 
Using the cottonwood forest as our laboratory, students will make careful observations, ask questions and use a dichotomous key to identify a Missouri River tree. 

Station 3: Through the Eyes of an Explorer 
Students will create watercolor sketches and notes as they explore the data, research, and sketches from the scientific journals of Lewis and Clark. 

Station 4: Experience the River (Boat Ride) 
For a one-of-a-kind learning experience that incorporates spectacular views of the Missouri River, students will learn about the channelization of the river from knowledgeable MRR staff. 

ReCap of Previous Missouri River Days 

2017 Photo Albums 

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2018 Photo Albums 

  • Click here for photos from Lee Expressive Arts Elementary School and the WildFolk: Unschool on April 17, 2018 
  • Click here for photos from Two Mile Prairie, Benton STEM, and Shepard Boulevard Elementary Schools on April 18th, 2018 
  • Click here for photos from Rock Bridge, Grant and Beulah Ralph Elementary Schools on April 20th, 2018
  • Click here for photos from Ridgeway, West Blvd, Paton Keeley Elementary Schools on August 27th, 2018 
  • Click here for photos from Battle and Fairview Elementary Schools on August 29th. 2018 


Frequently Asked Question

How is safety going to be handled on the river? 

Safety is our number one priority; we will provide students with a safety talk and lifejackets before going on the boat ride. Students and/or teachers do not need to know how to swim because we will not be entering the water. Experienced boat captains pilot our 24-foot aluminum plate boats that have all completed boat operator training and are assisted by deckhands.

What type of boats will students we be in? 

Students and teachers will be on the Missouri River in a 24-foot open boat, with an aluminum plate and 115-horsepower marine motors.

Who needs to sign the risk release form? 

All of the students participating need to have completed the “Student General Risk Release Form”. If a parent/guardian chooses not to allow their student on their river, we will have the student stay on land at station 3. Please note that if they are staying on land we still need a signed risk release form

How should I prepare my students?  

To prepare your students, please make sure they come prepared with the following: 

  • Dress comfortably, bring a jacket and hat come prepared for the weather.  
  • Wear sturdy footwear that you are willing to get muddy. (i.e. sneakers/boots, no sandals) 

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