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Senator McCaskill honors River Relief!

On February 3, US Senator Claire McCaskill gave Missouri River Relief a special honor. On the Senate floor, she offered a resolution for the Congressional Record honoring Missouri River Relief on our 10th Anniversary.

We are humbled by the honor, which of course recognizes the efforts of the more than 14,000 volunteers who have removed more than a million pounds of trash from the Missouri River since 2001.

Although Sen. McCaskill's words were specifically about Missouri River Relief's 10th Anniversary, we think that the honor and gratitude she expresses should go to all of the Missouri Stream Teams and citizen groups in the nation that have been working for decades to improve and protect their local waterways.

For example our friends at Stream Team 211 in Arnold, MO, who are celebrating their 20th year working on the Meramec River. Or the Project Blue River Rescue, who have been mobilizing hundreds of volunteers each spring in the Kansas City area for 21 years. Or Living Lands and Waters, who are readying their barge in Memphis, TN, for another Alternative Spring Break cleaning up the Mississippi River. Good Work Everyone!

Following is the transcript of the resolution Sen. McCaskill submitted to the Congresssional Record:

Congressional Record

Washington, Thursday, February 3, 2011

In Honor of the Missouri River Relief’s 10th Anniversary

Mrs. McCaskill. Mr. President, I ask the Senate to join me in honoring the 10th Anniversary of Missouri River Relief and their dedication to preserving Missouri rivers.

As a lifelong Missourian, I have visited and enjoyed the natural beauty and recreational opportunities along the Missouri River. These riverbanks and waterways are treasured attractions throughout Missouri. The Missouri River enjoys over one million visitors from across the nation each year who have the opportunity to experience the splendor and excitement these natural resources provide for our state. That is why I am so thrilled to acknowledge the work of the Missouri River Relief program.

Founded in 2001, Missouri River Relief began with just a few Missouri River enthusiasts dedicated to cleaning up our state waters. Ten years later, 12,000 Missourians have joined their communities in fighting for this cause, removing over one million pounds of trash and debris, making our waters safer for all to enjoy. In 2010 alone, over 1,100 student and teacher volunteers helped clean over 70 miles of river.

Missouri River Relief has contributed to promoting river education throughout the state. By sponsoring recreational activities and festivals that incorporate the arts alongside river education, this organization has made it their mission to teach Missouri families about our local rivers and how the rivers contribute to our environment.

This project has received an outpouring of state and corporate sponsorships that have made this growing cause a reality. Neighboring states have also included their support, cleaning up almost 400 miles of the Missouri River. The trash gathered from these cleanups have included recyclable and environmental-friendly particles that have been turned into useful resources.

Working to preserve one of our country’s most affluent and beautiful rivers, this organization deserves our gratitude and commemoration. Missouri River Relief is committed to water safety and education and its service to the community stands as an inspiration to all Missourians and a strong signal of our state’s continued growth and success. Mr. President, I ask that the Senate join me in recognizing the 10th Anniversary of the Missouri River Relief.

-Senator Claire McCaskill

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