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MRR honors MDC Stream Unit

At our River Camp Sandbar Banquet on September 17, MRR board president David Richter presented the Missouri Dept. of Conservation Stream Unit with our "Troy Gordon Memorial Partner of the Year Award" for their support of our program since we began in 2001. The Stream Unit is one of the main partners in the Missouri Stream Team program, which also includes the Conservation Federation of Missouri and the Missouri Dept. of Natural Resources.

The Missouri Stream Team program just celebrated its 20th Anniversary, and now has more than 4,000 grassroots Stream Teams across the state. Missouri River Relief is proud to be Stream Team #1875. Our adopted "stream" is the Missouri River!

Following is the text Dave read to announce the award:

The Annual Troy Gordon Memorial Partner of the Year Award - 2009

Partnerships are key to building an organization that reaches & includes a wide variety of individuals, agencies & organizations.  In 2008, we tragically lost a good friend & inspirational partner, Troy Gordon.  Troy epitomized the nature & essence of what it means to give of one's self, include others and inspire action toward the mission & goals of Missouri River Relief; Troy was the ultimate partner.  The annual Troy Gordon Memorial Partner of the Year Award is given to that individual, agency or organization that best represents the spirit of Troy.

Last year was the first year we presented this award, and it was given to Tim Haller, Park Ranger on the Big Muddy National Fish and Wildlife Refuge.

This year’s recipient has been with us from the beginning, helping organize our first clean-up in Easley. It’s hard to compile a list of all the ways we are helped in our mission by this group of people. From publicizing our events, to digging tires out of the mud. From teaching water quality monitoring to helping us find boat drivers for our clean-ups. From funding our organization to keeping us stocked with trash bags. This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Missouri Stream Team program, and so it seems kind of fitting that our partner of the year this year is the Missouri Department of Conservation Stream Unit.

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