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Missouri River Relief hires full-time Education Coordinator

New staff member to expand outdoor learning experience for people of all agesAlex paddling the Missouri River just downstream of the I-70 bridge near Rocheport

In an effort to deliver unique educational programs on a larger scale, Missouri River Relief (MRR) hired Alexander L. Prentice as a full-time Education Coordinator.  The Education Coordinator organizes and implements learning festivals and service learning programs in conjunction with MRR’s river clean-ups and environmental outreach programs.

Click here for pdf press release and ed program info.

 “River Relief provides extraordinary outdoor learning experiences for students,” said Prentice. “And the organization also conducts educational programs for people of all ages. I’m excited to be joining an organization that provides hands-on, outdoor programs with real life applications.”

The Education Coordinator is responsible for the development of MRR environmental curriculum for K-12 students and teachers, and develops partnerships and sponsors that support MRR’s education program. In addition, MRR conducts educational presentations to the general public through conferences, festivals and the monthly Big Muddy Speakers Series.

Prentice received a Master of Science in Biology and works as a Fisheries Research Assistant at the Missouri Department of Conservation. MRR board and staff members believe his educational background and professional experience is the perfect fit for the organization.

“Last year, River Relief worked with schools across the state of Missouri to bring environmental education to children of all backgrounds,” said MRR Director Jeff Barrow. “Alex has the education and leadership skills to grow our program and to reach a broader audience.”

MRR is now focusing its fundraising efforts to maintain the Education Coordinator position and expand the program’s reach.  It costs MRR an estimated $2,500.00 for a classroom “Day on the River” with 60 kids.  Please consider sponsoring a classroom or an individual student for $50.00.  You can donate today!

Support MRR

More than 30% of our budget comes from generous donations from individuals like you!  You can donate easily and securely to Missouri River Relief on PayPal.

Kansas City "Day on the River" 10-16-12 - For the last two years we've taken students from Benjamin Banneker Charter Academy of Technology and Staley High School out on the river. Experts from the Mo. Dept. of Conservation, National Weather Service, US Geological Survey, Army Corps of Engineers, Friends of Lakeside Nature Center and US Environmental Protection Agency came to teach about reptiles, water quality, hydrology, conservation careers and the history of the Missouri River.

We then took the kids out on the river to see the sights and clean up a bunch of trash.  Most of these students had never been on the river, and we could see doors opening as the days went on. Great times.  You can see the full set of photos here.

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