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Missouri River All Stars After-School 2017

Every student dreams of being on an All-Star team.  In this after-school program, Columbia Public School Elementary students will work in teams to develop and carry out their own investigation to understand the Missouri River better. 


They will practice real-world science techniques, with a Missouri River Relief twist, all while building their skills as a team player during an experience they won’t forget.  To learn more about this program visit our blog and check out our photo's 

About the Missouri River All Stars After-School Program

In the 2016-2017 school year, Columbia Public Schools will be partnering with Missouri River Relief to offer elementary school students the opportunity to participate in the Missouri River All Stars After-School Program. 

Selected Schools

The selected elementary schools included:

  • Parkade Elementary School
  • Blue Ridge Elementary School
  • Mill Creek Elementary School
  • Russell Boulevard Elementary School 
  • Cedar Ridge Elementary School 

Program Curriculum

Students from each elementary school will be selected to participate in four “in the classroom” lessons after school and “one on the river experience” for a total of five lessons. These lessons follow a Missouri River theme and include:

  • Lesson 1: Connecting to the Missouri River
  • Lesson 2: Behind the Scenes of the Missouri River
  • Lesson 3: Forces that Shape the Missouri River 
  • Lesson 4: On the River Experience
  • Lesson 5: Connecting Others to the Missouri River

On the River Experience

Date: May 2017
Time: 10:00am-2:30
Location: Katfish Katy’s

Missouri River All-Stars will learn through laughter, challenge, and making a difference on the Missouri River. All-Stars will spend half of their time developing teamwork skills through a variety of fun challenges and half of their time working together in service to the Missouri River. This service involves digging tires out of the muddy, picking up dozens of plastic bottles, and find unique river trash.  Through these activities, All-Stars will get to know one another, the Missouri River, and themselves much better.

To learn more about this program visit our blog and check out our photo's 

Missouri River All Stars Staff

Kristen Schulte, Education Coordinator 

The Missouri River All-Stars is managed by Kristen. She is responsible for the planning, designing, and implementation of the Missouri River All-Stars. She had over nine years of experience in environmental education and a Master of Science in Natural Science Education from Teton Science Schools Residential Graduate Program. In addition, she has been certified for over seven years as a Wilderness First Responder. In her role at Missouri River Relief, she works to advance our mission of connecting people to the Missouri River with an emphasis on education. 

Darcy Higgins, Program Instructor  

The Missouri River All-Stars is instructed by Darcy Higgins and she is responsible for delivering the classroom lessons.  She is also an environmental educator and current lead educator at the Wild Folk Unschool, an enrichment program for homeschoolers. She previously taught watershed education in Ohio coal country, supporting public school teachers in integrating experiential education into their curriculum. She holds a BA from Ohio University and has completed graduate coursework in inquiry-based learning at Miami University.

In the future, Missouri River Relief hopes that this program can be spread to other schools along the Missouri River. 

For any questions, e-mail or call 573.443.0292.



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