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Read up on the MR340 race!


Ground Crews refill a six man racing canoe. photo copyright by Dave Marner

A collection of photos, articles and videos about the MR340

Since 2007, Missouri River Relief has been a partner in the MR340 race - a 340 mile paddling race across the state of Missouri. Racers purchase super cool race stickers and all of that money goes to support our efforts. We bring as many safety boat crews as we can and help up and down the race course.

The Missouri American Water MR340 is a true community event - a community created by the river. To witness the determination of the racers, the grit of the ground crews and the hospitality of the volunteers is a truly inspiring thing. We're proud to be part of this amazing event that has changed the way our state looks at our river. Especially thanks to the Rivermiles crew for putting on such an amazing event and Missouri American Water for sponsoring the race.

This year was dominated by the heat. 3-digit temps on several days. 580 paddlers signed up for the race. About 475 started it and approximately 300 finished. Those that finished used all kinds of innovative tricks to keep cool, from jumping into the river at checkpoints to wearing tube socks full of ice around their necks. You'll see as you read the stories below.

Below are a bunch of links to stories, photos and results from the race. Enjoy!

(If you know of some good video, photos or stories about the race, please email us and we'll post it here)

Race Results



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